Here are some demos we put together.


released November 3, 2012

James Saullo-Drums
Joey Cobra-Bass/Vocals
Josh Almquist-Guitars



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WAKE Jamestown, New York

We are a punk rock band from Jamestown, NY. Our full length album No Burden will be available fall 2014.

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Track Name: Falling Down (Demo)
Why are we living life this way, with all this shit we can’t afford?
It doesn’t belong to us anyway
Incinerate all the shit we hate
That body was an accident
Byproduct of a larger plan
The damage was collateral
Let’s self destruct and get far away from here
When I think about life, I'm not sure if we’ve lived a day at all
But now that I’m free of my tv screen,the feeling returned to my limbs
It's amazing how comfortable we are in our own skin, this day in age
So please hold my hand here as we help bring in the fall
Track Name: Shadows (Demo)
we would fly through the night
with blood stains on our hands
and not a goddamned fucking cop
could ever find us on these lands

in the darkness we would thrive
we'd be grinning ear to ear
knowing unholiest of demons
had nothing on our career

and in the shadows
was where we lived
and we would kill
and we were kids

and with these weapons in our hands
its in the shadows where we hid
and we'd raise hell
thats where we lived

darker than the darkest fucking corner of the night
our souls were made of blood and ash, and we're out of our fucking minds

we would thrive on pain and booze
but somewhere far along the way
the mix of booze and memories
cant keep all these demons at bay

and in the shadows
thats where we lived
and we would chase the fucking ghosts
and we were fearless fucking kids

and with these skateboards in our hands
we'd walk the shadows where we hid
living in hell
and fucking pissed
Track Name: This Is My Wake (Acoustic Demo)
This is my wake
These are my mistakes
A preface to the magnitude of everlasting fate
Please don't think that i have lost my lust for life
This story's mine to tell, and I will write it down (tonight)

This endless stream of consciousness
It all began when I was young, from that moment on
I was determined not to fall asleep again

I'll open my eyes with every new day
And I wont stop until I find my way
Out on the open seas, this vessel makes waves
The ocean swells more beautifully (today)

Under this mighty ship i built
I'm refusing to turn back, the plan of attack
Is let my pride take me as far as I can go
We'll weather the storm
And when my ship crash lands
It will take all I have to incinerate, in fear i may fade
I will burn out brighter than the sun

And at my wake, I need you to know
Each step I take, I calculate
But I follow no map today
With no courage to demonstrate

Beginning to end
From Wake to Wake
I know these eyes will never break
And when the end is all I have
I will hold it to my chest
No sign of regret
I'll whisper one last time the phrase that got me to this place
This Is My Wake