No Burden


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No Burden was recorded, mixed, and mastered over the span of 18 months. It is a complete labor of love, and we hope you enjoy these songs that we have created.

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released November 21, 2014

Drums-James Saullo
Bass/Guitar/Vocals-Joey Cobra

Drums, Bass, Guitar recorded at Hi Lo Studios by Matt Smith
Vocals & Guitar recorded by Joey Cobra
Mixed by Justin Netti
Mastered by John Naclerio @Nada Studios
Cover photo by Steve Badgley
Design/Layout by Joey Cobra
All songs written by WAKE



all rights reserved


WAKE Jamestown, New York

We are a punk rock band from Jamestown, NY. Our full length album No Burden will be available fall 2014.

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Track Name: No Burden
there's a funny thing about it
no easy way around it
we're forced to interact
with these people who see no
problem with the way they act

I need to rise above it
I cant put up with bullshit
and i need to look at myself
with as much criticism as everyone else

you'll be no burden on me
ignorance wont be received
and on the day I die
I know right now
I wont regret a single thing

and if you think I'll waste my time on
anything you might say, you are dead wrong
I will live stress free
I made up my mind
you'll be no burden on me
Track Name: Panic
I woke up today
with blood on my face
my throat swollen shut
lying in an empty grave

I cant let it go this time

I'm watching this crow
so gracefully float
over my headstone
as it starts to erode

I know I've been left behind

(don't panic, you'll make it somehow)

I pick myself up
dust myself off
instantly run
must not self destruct

I've got so much more to prove

I'm back from the dead
I'm back in my head
I've regained my strength
take back what I said

I wont stop chasing the moon

my soul screams this horrible sound
Track Name: Resilience
this kid is ready
the emotions are strong
I've got the world in front of me
I know who I want to be
it's been holding me down
but I'm now strong enough to break free

I'm through recovering, I am behind the wheel
no more living underneath
not ashamed to show my teeth
but when i think of my past
it gets harder and harder to breath

to breath in the sea
to breath in the ocean
to try and fight the tidal waves
when I had never learned to swim
try to remain calm
thinking that I can
still overcome this fucking mess
although I still can't see the land

determination is a commodity
I'm not falling back this time
cause I know this life is mine
I've gained confidence
since I've finally grown my own spine

not giving up, not giving in
remaining sane enough to win
just come and see the life we're going to live

we're crossing the sea
we're crossing the ocean
we will fight the title waves
its not too late to learn to swim
not breaking a sweat
knowing that we can
still overcome this mess
and we don't need to see the land
Track Name: Certain Death
All thoughts of suicide subsided as the bullet hit my brain
And for a fraction of a second
beams of sunlight caught my eye and killed my pain
Just as suddenly I threw away that gun
as if someone else were guiding me to undo what I’d done
they took my demons and threw them into the sun
second chances don’t come often
to this earth I now belong

With this new sense of purpose
I walked out the door and realized I could fly
so I flew up to the heavens
feeling like I was the only man alive
A sense of sadness and relief washed over me
as I came to understand just what it meant to be free
I was alone, but felt no sense of urgency
so this is what its like to no longer be
Track Name: Thinny
the thinny speaks to me
the silence comes and goes
I long to be set free from all I know

consumed by the abyss
reality unknown
and maybe now I can feel all alone

but now
this nightmare comes to an end
but keeps coming back
again and again

and if you don't see me my friend
I said my goodbyes before I saw my end

everything's alright
I will never cry
I'm just a speck in the universe tonight

I've been
consumed by the abyss
my fate will now be known
and maybe now I will be coming home

but now
this nightmare comes to an end
but keeps coming back
again and again

and if you don't see me my friend
I said my goodbyes before i saw my end

on a major note
I will carry my heartache
but here on this minor note
I will lay here wide awake

I never thought this canyon would be my demise
but look on the brighter side
it's opened up my eyes
Track Name: Alive
If I promise not to speak
although my limbs are feeling weak
I swear that I'll swallow my pride

although I've never felt alive
and every word contains a lie
I swear that I'll follow in time

please don't bury me, and please
don't pray I reach the sky
I promised you the world
and when I die I'll make it mine

I'll forgive you
don't forget me

as the passing days blend into my life
and the crashing waves fade into the night. my. luck. my.
horrible, and self-fulfilling luck.

I'm convinced every wish that was wasted on youth
every word that I said, they all came true
I swear, I can't help but to follow you

and if I reach the sun
belief in god will come undone
my soul the only one
with strength to finish whats begun

I'll forgive you
please forget me
Track Name: Ringing
The ringing in my ear is fading, and the feeling in my feet degrading. How can I choose to leave this place? Because I'll forget who I am, forget the pain that got me here. And I can’t do that again, cause it all fades over the years. The scarring on my arm is healing, but there’s something in my heart that’s searing. Everything I have has become everything I hate. I need you here, but not to speak. And did you feel it when the sweat dripped from the ceiling, the shirt stuck to my back. I will not forget that feeling; it’s what it takes to bring me back. All these years, all these shows; have stuck with me, become what I know. Despite the tears and the fatal blows, I’ve learned that they haunt me like a ghost; these distant melodies and melodic memories. There’s a feeling in my gut like falling, and thousand young lungs are calling "We have become one, and we will die under the Sun.” This is who I am, although there’s pain throughout the years. I would do it all again; It’s all the shit that got me here. All the clouding of my mind is clearing. All the rage behind these eyes is searing. Everything out there has become everything I hate. I need you here, but not to speak. I know you feel it when the noise we made was piercing, the shirts stuck to our backs. How could I forget that feeling? It’s not the heart that’s what I lack. All these beers, all these shows; they stuck with me, nobody could know. My greatest fears, and biggest foes; they stay outside when I’m at the show. Melodies, Memories.
Track Name: Hostage
So if I fall will you help me
or will you take some time aside
to think of who you want to be

it turns out I could never fly
exactly when I needed to
so I hope you let me die

I'll take this opportunity
to help myself rise above
but I decline when push comes to shove

it turns out I could never fly
and every time I hated you
I came falling from the sky

I know that I'm fucked
but at least I'm alone
you cant keep holding me hostage

and darling there's not much that I wouldn't say
cause I can't find myself honest

betraying trust is an easy thing to do
I see you falling, but I cant follow you
Track Name: Voice17
I never meant let it go
they said I'd be stronger, alone
but left to bad advice, and my insight
it seems that I'm still growing cold

I'm never suffering again
I've got these invisible friends
I picked a spot out by the tracks
that's where my time I'll spend

you've never been there before
because solitude has existed since I first began
and my heads not broke
its not my fault there's more than one voice in my head

I chased all my friends away
and I'm lying in my waste
and I drank away the days
strangers now avoid my face

I thought I heard the voice of god
he was calling out my name
but it was voice number 8
the pathetic one, he was crying out in pain

I never meant to be alone
and I'm not stronger, though I've grown
but left to bad advice, and no insides
it seems that I have lost my home

yet I'm suffering again
I've got my invisible friends
I got my spot to lay my head
it's underneath the riverbed

you've never seen me before
but my solitude was my demise before I began
and my heads not broke
but I can say there is no blood left on my hands

I chased all my friends away
now I'm lying in my waste
and I drank away the pain
strangers now avoid my face

and I thought I heard the voice of god
he was crying out my name
but it was voice seventeen
the angelic one, she lets me know when I'm in pain/when I'm insane
but if it's voice seventeen, I'm insane
Track Name: This Is My Wake
This is my wake
these are my mistakes
a preface to the magnitude
of everlasting fate
please don't think that I
have lost my lust for life
this story's mine to tell, and I will write it down (tonight)

This endless stream of consciousness
it all began when I was young
from that moment on
I was determined to never fall asleep again

I'll open my eyes With
every new day
And I wont stop until I find my way

Out on the open seas
this vessel makes waves
the ocean swells more beautifully (today)

Under this mighty ship i built
and I'm refusing to turn back
the plan of attack
is let my pride take me as far as I can go
we'll weather the storm
and when my ship crash lands
it will take all I have to incinerate
in fear I may fade
I will burn out much brighter than the sun

At my wake
I need you to know
each step I take I calculate
but I'll follow no map today
with no courage to demonstrate

Beginning to end
from wake to wake
I know these eyes will never break
and when the end is all I have
I will hold it to my chest
no sign of regret
I'll whisper one last time the phrase that got me to this place
This is my wake