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this kid is ready
the emotions are strong
I've got the world in front of me
I know who I want to be
it's been holding me down
but I'm now strong enough to break free

I'm through recovering, I am behind the wheel
no more living underneath
not ashamed to show my teeth
but when i think of my past
it gets harder and harder to breath

to breath in the sea
to breath in the ocean
to try and fight the tidal waves
when I had never learned to swim
try to remain calm
thinking that I can
still overcome this fucking mess
although I still can't see the land

determination is a commodity
I'm not falling back this time
cause I know this life is mine
I've gained confidence
since I've finally grown my own spine

not giving up, not giving in
remaining sane enough to win
just come and see the life we're going to live

we're crossing the sea
we're crossing the ocean
we will fight the title waves
its not too late to learn to swim
not breaking a sweat
knowing that we can
still overcome this mess
and we don't need to see the land


from No Burden, released November 21, 2014



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WAKE Jamestown, New York

We are a punk rock band from Jamestown, NY. Our full length album No Burden will be available fall 2014.

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