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The ringing in my ear is fading, and the feeling in my feet degrading. How can I choose to leave this place? Because I'll forget who I am, forget the pain that got me here. And I can’t do that again, cause it all fades over the years. The scarring on my arm is healing, but there’s something in my heart that’s searing. Everything I have has become everything I hate. I need you here, but not to speak. And did you feel it when the sweat dripped from the ceiling, the shirt stuck to my back. I will not forget that feeling; it’s what it takes to bring me back. All these years, all these shows; have stuck with me, become what I know. Despite the tears and the fatal blows, I’ve learned that they haunt me like a ghost; these distant melodies and melodic memories. There’s a feeling in my gut like falling, and thousand young lungs are calling "We have become one, and we will die under the Sun.” This is who I am, although there’s pain throughout the years. I would do it all again; It’s all the shit that got me here. All the clouding of my mind is clearing. All the rage behind these eyes is searing. Everything out there has become everything I hate. I need you here, but not to speak. I know you feel it when the noise we made was piercing, the shirts stuck to our backs. How could I forget that feeling? It’s not the heart that’s what I lack. All these beers, all these shows; they stuck with me, nobody could know. My greatest fears, and biggest foes; they stay outside when I’m at the show. Melodies, Memories.


from No Burden, released November 21, 2014



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WAKE Jamestown, New York

We are a punk rock band from Jamestown, NY. Our full length album No Burden will be available fall 2014.

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